Art of the Bath – The creative process

Art of the Bath – The creative process

2. Pillar

Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson and the origin of Seros in the studio

During the creative process there is a moment, sometimes after only minutes of working and sometimes after hours, where I feel completely at peace. Where time appears to stand still in absolute tranquility.

That sense of harmony that can only exist in the stillness and perfection of the present moment. This is the gap between thoughts, the moment that transcends time and space and our perceived reality where the purest of form and mark are created. An instinctive process where no thoughts can penetrate and the subconscious mind allows inspiration to flow, later to be transformed elegantly into visibly serene, luxurious forms to be enjoyed in our own home, creating a sanctuary in our bathrooms, a moment to breath and let go, to completely relax.

3. Pillar

This is a beautiful collaborative project where I was commissioned by Victoria & Albert, House of Rohl, UK to create three sculptures to inspire a new bathroom collection named Seros consisting of a stunning flowing bath, a surface sink and a podium sink.

I carved the sculptures by hand to create the original forms and worked closely with Declan Aldridge, the Product Designer for Victoria & Albert Baths who sensitively designed the collection respecting all of the lines and curves of my original forms.

The Seros collection was pre-launched in London Design Week in Chelsea Design Centre, London with the official launch held in Milan in the Milan Design week.

Water sculpted in form

Seros is a unique collaboration between Victoria + Albert and British sculptor, Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson. Inspired by Sophie’s sculptures, the collection embodies the energy and movement of water through organic, fluid forms. Each piece in the collection is extraordinary and beautiful in itself.